Who is the MAT Team

Each county in Vermont has a MAT Team funded through Blueprint for Health. The team is made up of Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC) who provide support to providers MAT, screenings and referrals for people who are interested in treatment, and care coordination for current MAT patients.

What is Care Coordination?

MAT Team staff check in with patients at their normal office visits with the provider or sometimes in between visits. We check in with patients about their recovery or treatment needs, and offer support in helping them work towards their recovery goals. The MAT Team helps connect people to resources in the community to help strengthen or support their recovery and long term stability. MAT Team members who are LADCs can also offer counseling services when appropriate.

Our Team

Katie Marvin, MD

Dr. Katie Marvin


Lead MAT Practitioner at Lamoille Health Partners

Dr. Katie Marvin has practiced medicine since 2004 and has been providing Medication Assisted Treatment since 2011. Dr. Marvin helped develop the Close to Home Program at the Women’s Center, and the Upstream Lamoille Group which brings together treatment, prevention, peer recovery, and law enforcement in the Lamoille Valley area to address the Opioid Crisis. She has been an advocate for MAT throughout Vermont as well as nationally, by providing trainings for the medical community about MAT and encouraging more practitioners to start prescribing. As the Lead MAT Practitioner at Lamoille Health Partners she provides support and consultation to other prescribers as they develop their practice.

Meagan Dewitt

Meagan DeWitt


MAT Team Program Manager and Clinical Care Coordinator.

Located at Tamarack Family Medicine and Lamoille Health Morrisville Family Medicine.

Experience in substance use treatment since 2013 and has been working on the MAT Team since 2018. Has experience in residential and outpatient treatment.

Jennifer Lanphear

Jennifer Lanphear


MAT Registered Nurse. Located at Treatment Associates in Morrisville

Experience in nursing for 20+ years and substance use treatment since 2004. Has experience working in residential and outpatient settings. Has been working on the MAT Team since 2017.

Kylie Pratt

Kylie Pratt


MAT Registered Nurse. Located at Lamoille Health Stowe Family Medicine.

Experience in nursing since 2017 and has been on the MAT Team since 2020. Has experience working in the Intensive Care Unit in a hospital setting.

Brook Marcotte

Brook Marcotte


MAT Registered Nurse. Located at Hardwick Area Health Center

Experience in nursing since 2008 and has been on the MAT Team since 2020.